How To Play

Never played Bingo before?
Here is a quick introduction to the Nation’s favourite game. Remember don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Bingo is a game of chance where numbers are announced by a caller using a Random Number Generator and marked off on a board or ticket by the player. Ticket or Main Session Bingo is commonly played with numbers 1-90 (shown right)

When the caller starts the first game, he will tell you the colour of the bingo ticket you should be playing and the type of game, which will be either: “A single line across”, “Two lines across” or “A Full House” (all 15 numbers marked off one ticket). When a number is called and it appears on your bingo ticket, circle it clearly.

Marking off the numbers could not be easier. The numbers are arranged in columns: 1-9 in the first column, 10-19 in the second column and so on. One ticket has 15 numbers, but by purchasing 6 tickets (shown above) you’ll have all 90 numbers and can cross off every number announced.

As soon as you complete the game SHOUT OUT LOUD before the caller starts the next number.

Your card will be checked on a security screen and your winnings will be brought to you. Easy!