Safe Bingo

Customer Guidelines

  • Current guidance states you should only be gathering in groups of up to six people and you should avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with, even if you see other people you know.  If you live in an area under local lockdown please follow the rules for your area. Unfortunately this means you should not be attending our venue.
  • To aid social distancing only certain seats will be available – this is generally every other table. For those sitting upstairs please only use available seats / stools and do not share exit rows with others not in your group. Please only play the MCB board for the seat in which you are sat.
  • Our club will be deep cleaned every day before opening with additional regular cleaning of high touch areas throughout your session.
  • Initially we will be opening evenings only. An online booking system will be available from 10am-6:30pm for members to pre-book tables for that evening session using their name and membership number. We will also be available to take telephone bookings from members 10am-11am & after 1pm. You must arrive by 7pm to claim your reserved table. Please note that booking is encouraged but not essential. Where available, seats for walk-ins will be allocated on arrival.
  • Our afternoon sessions, once open, will be walk-in only with tables assigned on arrival.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines and try to stay at least 2m apart when moving around the club. If this is not possible please stay 1m+ apart. If moving from your seat or when climbing stairs please give way to others already in motion.
  • Face coverings are compulsory when moving around the club. Face coverings are optional when sat in your seat, playing fruit machines and when in the smoking garden.
  • We have several hand sanitiser stations around the club and we encourage regular use along with regular and thorough hand washing. Please always use hand sanitiser when entering the club, before and after using the toilets, before and after using fruit machines and when entering and returning from the smoking garden.
  • Admission will now be included in the cost of your bingo tickets. The purchase options will be limited to package deals to encourage speed of sale. There will be no signing in of guests. Non-members will need to fill in a membership application form to join and play.
  • Only two people in gents and three in ladies toilets at one time. We encourage ladies to queue into foyer towards exit door if necessary. Please use vacant / in-use door sliders when entering and leaving. Safe seat sanitiser will be available in each cubicle.
  • Only one person per fruit machine at a time and no spectators. No reserving of fruit machines. Please try to limit the number of times changing up winnings i.e. just at the end of your session.
  • Please try to avoid moving around the club unnecessarily and loitering or gathering in bar, kiosk, aisles or foyer. Please queue in lounge area for bar and queue in kiosk will be limited to three people. If possible just one person from each group queuing at bar or kiosk. There will be a limited hot food menu. Card payment will be available and both bar and kiosk will remain open during Main Session for contactless table service. Please note you must be seated when eating or drinking.
  • Change for mini-cash will be given out in £10 bags of 50ps only.  We will only play 50p and £1 games. For the time being we will no longer play 20p games.
  • Any cash used for payment by a customer will not be re-circulated for up to 72 hours. All cash given out as change or winnings should therefore be considered “safe” and “clean”.
  • Main Session bingo games will be automatically checked by the caller using Main Stage prompt. Please hold your ticket up when claiming so we can see the page colour or ticket being played. Staff will check multiple, jackpot or disputed claims. In this instance please leave your ticket on a nearby vacant table where possible.
  • Customers will be asked to provide membership numbers verbally or for their membership card to be placed on a vacant table nearby for viewing. Winnings may be placed on a vacant table close to customers.
  • We kindly request that you only use the smoking garden and do not smoke outside the front of the club once you have entered our premises – except during the interval 8pm-8:30pm (or 1:30-2pm in aft). We must limit use of the smoking garden for up to five individuals at one time or five pairs at one time – so a maximum of 10 people. Please use vacant / in-use sliders when entering and leaving the garden. If smoking outside the front of the club during the interval, please avoid smoking directly outside the front door and only use the entrance door and not the exit to avoid potentially clashing with the ladies toilet queue.
  • Please be aware we must have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on persistent coughing or sneezing. If you show ANY symptoms of coronavirus – including persistent coughing or sneezing – you will be asked to leave. If you do need to occasionally cough or sneeze please do so into a tissue or your elbow then immediately discard the tissue and wash your hands. Please assist us by staying safely at home and calling NHS 111 if you feel unwell or have any symptoms of coronavirus.

If you would like to book a table for tonight’s session please click here. Our online booking window runs daily 10am-6:30pm. If you would prefer to book by telephone please call the club on 01235 812038 between 11am-2pm or after 4pm.

To amend or cancel your booking please call on 01235 812038 or contact us through our contact page or Facebook Messenger.

Full Monty package deal £20
1 x admission
1 x 6:15pm Cashpot Flyer
6 x Main Books & Wowza
5 x National Game
2 x Fun Flyer
1 x Cash Climber

Beginners package deal £10
1 x admission
3 x Main Books & Wowza
2 x National Game
1 x Fun Flyer

Covid safe bingo club seating plan
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