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The Coronet Bingo Club and Bar

is more than just a bingo club, it’s a great night out with friends at a place where you’re not just a customer, you’re part of the family! We’ve got huge prizes to be won, the National Game, big link bingo games, and the chance to win some great in-house jackpot prizes. Come down to your bingo club in Didcot and see for yourself why so many people from South Oxfordshire and beyond choose the Coronet Bingo Club and Bar for an exciting fun-filled afternoon or evening out! Wonder what the club looks like on the inside? Click here to see our gallery and a walk through.


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Coronet Bingo Didcot

The Coronet Bingo Club opened its doors for the first time over thirty five years ago. Founded by my Grandparents Bill and Norma Carpenter it is still very much a family run club with three generations now greeting customers through its old cinema doors. Norma, still going strong, her son John, and myself, the Grandson, Laurie. The clubs Manager Sean Tucker has been with the club and our family for over twenty five years and we pride ourselves on providing a fun and friendly service to each and every one of our customers. Our staff are our most important assets and we still have many workers that have been with us for over 30 years, ranging from 18 years old to 80 years young! Our customers are as equally diverse, with young and old, men and women, mixing throughout the week and weekend for an enjoyable, fun-filled afternoon or evening out. We all enjoy a good time at the Coronet and lets not forget that Bingo is very much a social event. While there are many large prizes to be won, if you spend a little but have a great time, winning is just a bonus. Well that is our philosophy anyway! We look forward to seeing you soon…
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot14 hours ago
Date for your diary!
Next Friday 24th November we have your Monthly Horse-racing game, as well your normal session of bingo.
Plus tonight the Cash climber will be worth up to £800!
#cashclimberkitty #friday #lovebingo
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot2 days ago
“Do you feel lucky punk?”
If so why not join us for bingo today,
where the Cash climber is worth well over £700 at the moment!
Anyone know what film that line is from?
#afternoonandeveningsessiontoday #classicmovie #cashclimber
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot2 days ago
Will our Susie be showering you with money tonight?

It's NIFTY FIFTY tonight which means the whole second half pays out a minimum £50 a line, £50 2 lines and £50 full house rising to £100 a line, £100 2 lines and £100 full house if its busy!

Cash Climber now worth over £700!!

#NIFTYFIFTY #showerwithsusie #showmethemoney
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot4 days ago
Were only half way through the afternoon session and weve already had 6 lucky winners on our live link games on the boards and pages!

Well over £640 won with hopefully much more to come.

#luckyafternoon #loveawinner #stillmoretocome
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot5 days ago
Never a dull moment with these two bingo buddies together Corina Gunning & Melanie Bramley over 12 years working together! How would you caption this?

Don't forget ... Tonight:
Buddy Bingo Mondays!! - Bring a bingo virgin, a friend who’s not a member of our club, any Monday Evening in November and you’ll both get HALF PRICE Main Books!

#bingobuddy #longtermstaff #captionthis
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot5 days ago
Here’s a quick clip of today’s Remembrance Parade going past the club, led by the mighty bagpipes!
#pride #community #didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot

How to Play Bingo

Watch our short film about how to play bingo. It’s not difficult but a few simple tips will make it a lot more fun (and might make you more likely to win!)

The Coronet Family

John – Norma – Laurie

The Coronet Bingo club is owned and run by three generations of the Carpenter family. read more…

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