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The Coronet Bingo Club and Bar

is more than just a bingo club, it’s a great night out with friends at a place where you’re not just a customer, you’re part of the family! We’ve got huge prizes to be won, the National Game, big link bingo games, and the chance to win some great in-house jackpot prizes. Come down to your bingo club in Didcot and see for yourself why so many people from South Oxfordshire and beyond choose the Coronet Bingo Club and Bar for an exciting fun-filled afternoon or evening out! Wonder what the club looks like on the inside? Click here to see our gallery and a walk through.


Tel: 01235 812 038


Latest News

Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot13 hours ago
Tonight we have a 8.50pm MEGA live link game with prize money worth £12,000 in total!
Anyone recognise these two likely lads
From a few months back? Looks like they were having a Mega night at bingo!!
#postie #dustman #megalink
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot1 day ago
Everyone at the New Coronet would like to wish Didcot's Jack Cummings and his fellow team mates the best of luck in this years INVICTUS Games.
#pride #swimming #invictus
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot2 days ago
Our wonderful cocktail bartender, Ambra, has just felt her legs quiver after hearing Sean Connery for the first time having only ever seen James Bond previously in dubbed Italian. That's even more outrageous than being called Holly Goodhead or Pussy Galore!

#shakennotstirred #greatbabynames
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Sean Connery IS James Bond
Sean Connery introduces himself as James Bond.(in "Dr. No", "From Russia With Love", "Goldfinger", "Thunderball", "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Never Say Never...
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot3 days ago
Join us tonight for our world famous horse racing game!

Thats if Sean Tucker and Michael Holliday stop horsing around.

#fridaynight #horseracing #lovebingo
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot
Coronet Bingo Didcot4 days ago
Thanks for the lift, now I won't be late for the start of bingo today!
#funflyer #bigchopper
Coronet Bingo Didcot

How to Play Bingo

Watch our short film about how to play bingo. It’s not difficult but a few simple tips will make it a lot more fun (and might make you more likely to win!)

The Coronet Family

John – Norma – Laurie

The Coronet Bingo club is owned and run by three generations of the Carpenter family. read more…

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